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Welcome to the website of Region 1 of the Clan Campbell, Society, North America (CCS, NA). We are proud to act as the representatives of the  clan in our region and hope that we have the opportunity to meet you at one of the many Scottish gatherings in New England. Join us as we celebrate the proud heritage of our ancestors, and our common bond of kinship today.

Inveraray Castle and Aray bridge

Inveraray Castle and the bridge over the River Aray.

As a member of Clan Campbell, whether you possess the name Campbell or a sept name, you are blessed with a proud heritage that can be traced back many generations. It is a goal of the Clan Campbell Society, North America, (CCS, NA) to help you, and others, learn more about that heritage, to rediscover the old traditions and keep them for following generations.

The CCS, NA is a society for Campbells, those with Campbell family, or sept names, and friends of the clan. It is a part of the International Federation of Clan Campbell Societies, the arms of which can be seen in the flag above.

The Society is an all-volunteer organization, with the membership electing officers and trustees. The Society maintains a library that includes historical, literary and genealogical materials pertaining to Clan Campbell. A genealogy program is an integral part of the Society: members share whatever genealogical information they have on their ancestry, and it is entered into a database. The most tangible asset of membership is the quarterly publication, the Journal of the Clan Campbell Society (North America).

 One is born into the clan: one becomes a member of the the Society by paying dues. This is an important distinction: the Society is a family association that represents the clan at the request of and with the blessing of our clan Chief.

The Clan Campbell Society, North America, divides the continent into fifteen regions. Region 1 consists of the six New England States. The CCS, NA can be found at Scottish festivals throughout New England. Society representatives hold the title of commissioner. This is because they have been commissioned by our clan Chief to represent the clan.

After reading through these pages, we hope you leave having learned a little something about your Highland heritage. For we take to heart the motto of our clan Chief:

Ne Obliviscaris - Forget Not


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